A Blockchain-based
Metaverse Game Platform

A Blockchain-based Metaverse that allows players to create their own games

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  • P2E game

    'Play to earn' biz model games
  • Game NFT changes

    We trade a game itself
  • Game Metaverse

    based on Blockchain

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Benefits of GameBit

GameBit's Competitiveness in the Cryptocurrency Market

P2E game Platform

A platform specialized in servicing P2E game

Crowd Funding System

Get investment in games directly from players


Even non-blockchain operators can participate in the Ecosystem<

Profit Sharing Scheme

The Success of any one game will return to profit for all participants

Great Earning

Success of a game on the platform will increase profits for other games

Fair Profit Sharing

Reasonable profit sharing not only for publishers but for developers and players

GameBit playform Design


Cumulative Users



Cumulative Users


Cumulative Users



Cumulative Users


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